Five contemporary artists invite you to take a break, recharge your batteries and immerse yourself in their art...

Take 5 Artists

Sarah Humby

Sarah is a printmaker. Born in Cornwall and now living and working on the Dorset coast, the sea has been an ever present source of inspiration.

All work begins with drawing. Wild sketching trips to local areas of coastline produce work later developed in the studio into finished prints 

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Angela Perrett - Creator of the 'Take 5' project.

A passion for surface qualities and colour underpins Angela’s work. Responding to exposed landscapes, using experimental layering processes- pouring, lifting and rolling oil paint; to reveal the memory of a journey: a sense of place. Her processes travel across 2 and 3 dimensional media, with a painterly approach explored across both ceramics and glass.

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Linda E Sale

Linda explores the light, space and symmetry found in architecture and the flowing organic forms in nature and the human figure.

Her work often has a spiritual, mythical and imaginative dimension. Colour is symbolic. She works with mixed media including oil, acrylic, spray paints and pastels. She also creates digital works

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Katerina Svetlikova 

Katerina works with cyanotype printing, pastels. Using photography to document her small installations and assemblages of found and collected objects. She is inspired by nature and the healing qualities of art making. Her work is a mixture of mysterious landscapes, stellar and microscopic at the same time.

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Judith Warbey

Judy is primarily interested in line, hence her joy in forming letters in calligraphy. Contemporary calligraphy can involve image making and forming shapes reflecting classical letters but also taking these shapes further than legibility. Letters produce words, and words sit well in books. Making artist’s books is another passion.