Five contemporary artists invite you to take a break, recharge your batteries and immerse yourself in the world of art...

Take 5 Artists

Angela Perrett

Creator of the 'Take 5' project.

Angela's work is about surface and time, accompanied by an interaction with forces natural and man-made. The semi-abstract images have evolved out of an emotional involvement with surface qualities and colour.

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Linda Sale

Linda's work expresses a quest for beauty and spirituality and she explores these themes both in connection with the light, space and symmetry found in places of worship but also in her studies of the human figure.

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Sarah Humby

"Where the land meets the sea; that is where we  'draw the line'."

Sarah is part of a long term collaboration called The Art of Staring Out to Sea which involves sketching forays into the Dorset landscape and, more particularly, the Jurassic coastline and Isle of Purbeck.  

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Judith Warbey

Observation allied with inspirational words interpreted through artists books, calligraphy and printmaking.

Katerina Svetlikova 

Katerina is a Czech installation artist and sculptor who has been based in the UK since 2005.

She is an artist whose desire is to find answers for sensitive questions of the present day. For Katerina making art is a search for inner truths, whilst coping with the thoughts and emotions of every day life.

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